View 4 Channel Amp 2 Ohm Wiring Diagram Pictures

View 4 Channel Amp 2 Ohm Wiring Diagram Pictures. In this video we are confirming amp ohm load stability and asking question 1, is your amplifier 1 ohm stable or 2 ohm stable? Minimum speaker impedance for stereo operation is 2 ohms.

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With car amplifiers it is usually 4 ohms. The 2 channel planet audio amp is only stable down to 4 ohm, so if you go with. Please let me know if you recommend wiring it.

So this is a very important speaker wiring factor.

As shown in my diagram, you can connect 2 channels to a 4 channel amp using either the speaker level inputs wired in parallel or by using rca y adapter cables. Information on wiring speakers in series vs. Most amps are 2 ohm stable. The amp manual says its capable of 2 ohm load, and since the subs are dual voice coil i should be able to wire it up like this right?

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